Our Company

In a world increasingly aware of energy and climate issues around us, renewable energies are emerging as an important tool in the creation of a more sustainable environment.

It is within this framework that bioenergy emerges as one of the necessary sources to meet our world's gigantic energy needs.

Solving environmental issues or, better yet, preventing them, requires changes in our production and consumption models, transforming our individual and collective behavior by assuming the responsibility to protect the diversity of life forms.

In this scenario, the development of biofuels is an alternative to using fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil.

Establecimiento El Albardon S.A. (ALBARDONBIO) is a company that produces biodiesel in order to supply the local biofuel market, as well as the growing global demand.

This is a required product that needs to blend with fossil fuels in order to comply with relevant regulations established by different global countries.

ALBARDONBIO emerges as the only company from the SME sector with production based on world-class technology that can sell conventional biodiesel (biological liquid fuels) as well as distilled and used oil biodiesel.

Until now, there were no production facilities in Argentina equipped to provide these supply options.