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Mon 04.02.2019
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Fri 16.11.2018
Argentina hikes soy biodiesel, corn ethanol prices for oil refiners in November
Fri 28.09.2018
EU Won’t Impose Immediate Tariffs on Cheap Argentine Biodiesel

Argentina raises ethanol prices for August by more than 3%

In Argentina, the government raised the price for sugarcane ethanol by 2% to $1.04 a liter and by more than 3% for corn-based ethanol.

In March, ethanol production reached 64,599 metric tons, up 55% on the year from 41,799 tons in March 2014. Compared to February’s production of 51,625 tons, March production was up 25%. Ethanol consumption is also on the rise, at 68,105 tons for March compared to 52,301 tons in March 2014 and 61,674 tons in February.