Description of the company and the business

ALBARDONBIO is a company that has decided to incorporate the manufacture and commercialization of biodiesel and its by-products to its activities. Therefore, it has decided to open its share capital to national companies that are betting on the creation of alternative energy sources that contribute to the diversification of the energy matrix, replacing traditional fossil fuels for others obtained from renewable resources.

The commercialization of the production will aim to satisfy the domestic market's needs (Regulation Law 26093, electric power generation and agricultural sector) as well as the foreign market.

We are in a position to affirm that our project is different from other existing projects in the following aspects:

  • ALBARDONBIO has 100% of its raw material needs supplied and guaranteed for a period of 10 years.
  • The second difference is that this productive project is equipped with all the necessary technologies and flexibility to produce biodiesel based on new oils, used oils (UVO), and/or others derived from animal fat, as well as to achieve a distilled biodiesel final product that allows us to enter into market sectors that are currently not covered by other facilities. Our main aim is for distilled biodiesel to be introduced into the electric power market, both Argentinian and foreign.

In light of the above, ALBARDONBIO is the only company equipped with world class production technology, which will allow it to commercialize conventional biodiesel, as well as distilled and used oil biodiesel.

There are no other production facilities in Latin America with this technology or equipment.